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Town Pharmacy Customer Testimonial

The customer service at Town Pharmacy is just heads and shoulders above the big chain drug stores. I am always served quickly and with a smile, by a knowledgeable expert. They know my name and they treat me courteously. I actually enjoy going to the pharmacy now, thanks to Alex and his team!

- Gordon Bennett, North Port, FL

Who would have thought in this day and age a local pharmacy would actually deliver medications to your home... and for free! Town Pharmacy’s free delivery service saves me the time, expense and hassle of running errands.

- Kathy Rhoden, Port Charlotte, FL

I’m so glad they offer the Free Medication Programs, because otherwise I might never have found Town Pharmacy. Alex really helped me out when I needed to save money on my medications. Thanks Town Pharmacy!

- Brandi White, North Port, FL

It’s so nice to have a pharmacy that’s a local business where I know the owner and I trust him. That’s something you just don’t get very often, and I appreciate it. Thanks go to Alex for running such a customer-friendly local business. It’s a pleasure to be a customer at Town Pharmacy.

- Tom Hall, Port Charlotte, FL

I have referred several people to Town Pharmacy, because I know that they will receive great service. I trust Town Pharmacy to provide my medications, and to make me feel welcome like a neighbor. And I want my friends and family to have the same experience!

- Chris Pretzer, Punta Gorda, FL

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