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Top 3 Reasons People Choose Town Pharmacy in North Port FL

Being a customer of a community pharmacy like Town Pharmacy in North Port, FL is a very different experience compared to being a customer of a big, corporate pharmacy.

As a community pharmacy, we are able to provide a very high level of personalized customer service. Here are the Top 3 Reasons people choose Town Pharmacy in North Port:

Reason #1 - Our FREE MEDICATIONS program. That's right, we have dozens of medications that we provide for free to our customers. This is part of our investment in the community. We want pharmaceuticals to be affordable and available to people in North Port, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Venice and Englewood.

Reason #2 - Our FREE HOME DELIVERY service. We are happy to provide your medications right to your door. That is the level of customer service we think you deserve as a customer of Town Pharmacy.

Reason #3 - Our COMPOUNDING expertise. As a compounding pharmacy, we are able to work with your physician to provide the medication you need in the exact format and dosage for your personal medical needs. Everybody is different, and medications should be able to be personalized as much as possible, as per your doctor's prescription.

BONUS REASON #4 - WE KNOW OUR CUSTOMERS BY NAME! At Town Pharmacy, we are striving for that small town feel, where we know you by name when you visit the pharmacy. Many of our customers tell us that they enjoy coming by the pharmacy and saying "hi" even though we offer home delivery service. To us, there is no bigger compliment. That means we are delivering a positive customer experience.

If you have any questions about our pharmacy services, please give us a call at (941) 429-7766. We look forward to helping you with your health and wellness needs!

Alex Shulman
Owner, Town Pharmacy

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